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Divider Accreditations and Affiliations - Cordant Recruitment
Cordant Recruitment has earned accreditations and forged affiliations with many leading industry bodies.  We provide confidence and assurance for our clients and people.  

Investors In People since 1996

Cordant Recruitment is proud to have been accredited with the nationally recognised ‘Investors in People Award’. This is an extremely respected and significant award because it demonstrates that a company has created a culture of training and development where an employee can shine and progress within a vibrant enterprise. Investors in People, was launched in 1991, and is presently the UK’s foremost people management standard.  Its main focus is converting business performance through people and currently a third of the UK’s workforce now participates in ‘Investors in People’.

Our mission is to support you to accomplish your business goals, you set the agenda and we will do our utmost to undertake any necessary action so that your business will sustain steady development through its people.  If you take the time to acquire the best possible workforce by investing and, of course, devoting time to your people then this will ultimately result in a perfect balance of success.

For more information on Investors In People visit their website here: http://www.investorsinpeople.co.uk/

Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) since 2000

Cordant Recruitment has been a member of the Recruitment Employment Confederation (REC) since 2000, and therefore has the seal of approval from the UK’s private recruitment and staffing industry.  We are proud to be an established member of the REC and our mission is to ensure our obligation to maintain the REC Code of Professional Practice.

Since 2000, Cordant Recruitment has been providing a service which goes beyond the recognised REC standards of service; we endeavour to enrich our customer/client involvement with particular detail alongside respect and trust.  We care about safeguarding standards, which need to be constantly reviewed, applied, interpreted and enforced in order to establish an effective and harmonising framework.

For more information on REC visit their website here: https://www.rec.uk.com/

Association of Labour Providers (ALP) since 2010

Cordant Recruitment has been a member of the Association of Labour Providers, since 2010.  We regard membership as an essential and crucial part of being a labour provider, in a nutshell we consider belonging to the ALP as ‘sine qua non’, which translated means ‘an indispensable and critical necessity’.  All labour providers in the UK play a vital part in UK economy by supplying workers to plant, pick, produce and pack our food.  We, therefore, readily distribute the monthly newsletter from ALP to our staff to safeguard and guarantee that they are aware of key issues and have current up-to-date knowledge.

The ALP also assists us in deciding any problems on the difficult challenges relating to the GLA regulated sector.

For more information on ALP visit their website here: http://labourproviders.org.uk/

Sedex (since 2011)

Cordant Recruitment has been a member of Sedex since 2011, and values their association because we appreciate that pressure has never been greater on companies to monitor and fully comprehend their supply chain. The main function of Sedex is twofold: firstly to reduce the burden on suppliers tackling multiple audits, questionnaires and certifications; and secondly to push improvements in the ethical performances of global supply chains.

We appreciate that Sedex takes centre stage when it comes to sharing ethical supply chain data, because Sedex is an efficient supply chain management solution, which helps us to reduce risk, shield our company’s reputation and develop supply chain practices.

For more information on Sedex visit their website here: http://www.sedexglobal.com/

Engineering Construction Industry Association (since 2012)

Cordant Recruitment has been a member of the Engineering Construction Industry Association since 2012.  Membership is essential because the ECIA is the principal trade and employer association for UK engineering and construction industry.  Approximately 50,000 people are employed in the industry in the UK in both site-based activities and off-site design and procurement work.  Cordant Recruitment recognises that it is the ECIA which offers a collective voice to represent the interest of all its members on issues affecting their industry. We appreciate that by simply being connected to the ECIA it provides regular opportunities to share, learn from and network with other members.

Cordant Recruitment support the ECIA’s core values on a national level, in that we uphold mutually approved standards of professional practice and conduct and comply with the ECIA’s statutes and internal regulations.

For more informaiton on ECIA please visit their website here: http://www.ecia.co.uk/

Achilles UVDB

Achilles UVDB is the community for the UK utilities industry because it allows the utilities sector to employ Achilles’ established pre-qualification system to evaluate risk within the supply chain and conform to EU regulations.

Achilles was launched in 1996, and Cordant Recruitment became a member in 2013.  We appreciate that association has provided us with increased credibility.  Membership demonstrates capability to meet the industry requirements through a recognised industry pre-qualification scheme.

For more information on Achillies UVDB please visit their website here: http://www.achilles.com/en



Ingeus UK is the leading provider of the Work Programme, which is the Government’s approach to challenge long-term unemployment.  The main purpose of Ingeus is to offer support and help in assisting their clients obtain appropriate long-lasting employment.

Cordant Recruitment is persistently working with Ingeus in order to help individuals who have perhaps become disheartened by the competition of applying for jobs and are experiencing the difficult predicament of long-term unemployment.

Cordant Recruitment believe that work is essential for everyone in order to give them their place in society and allow them their dignity in earning their own salary, as well as contributing, however small, to the economy. During the past 23 years, Ingeus has helped thousands of people to find suitable employment – this results in not only that individual benefiting but also their family and local community.

 It is easy for an individual to lose sight of their career goal and personal development if unemployed for a long time. We are proud of our association with Ingeus and The Cordant Group to be known as their preferred agency of choice.

For more informaiton on Ingeus please visit their website here: http://www.ingeus.co.uk/

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials aims to help organisations implement basic levels of protection against cyber attack, demonstrating to their customers that they take cyber security seriously.

Organisations assess themselves against five basic security controls and a qualified assessor verifies the information provided. 

The five basic controls within Cyber Essentials were chosen because, when properly implemented, they will help to protect against unskilled internet-based attackers using commodity capabilities – which are freely available on the internet. Organisations that undertake Cyber Essentials are encouraged to recertify at least once a year and, where appropriate, progress their security.

For further information please see www.cyberstreetwise.com\cyberessentials

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