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Experts 7 biggest job interview tips

Don’t be found guilty of committing these common interview mistakes.

After seeking help from their Human Resources department, The Telegraph has compiled a list of 10 common interview mistakes so that next time you’re sat at the other end of the bosses desk, you know what to avoid. 

Dress code is essential 

Make sure you’re aware of the dress code - not dressing the part can make the interviewer feel uncomfortable, and you should always try to look professional.

Ask questions

A brief guide:

Interviewer: “Do you have any questions?”

You: “Yes” * proceeds to ask question *


Asking questions shows you’ve prepared for the interview. If you feel everything has been covered, simply say “I wanted to ask about the [blank] but you’ve covered this already” - this further shows you had questions in mind.

Remember names 

Remember the name of the interviewer. This leaves a good impression. A simple “it was great to meet you, [insert name]” ends an interview on a positive note.

First impressions count 

Treat everyone you encounter with respect and to a smile. Never assume for example the receptionist is less important than your interviewer.

Do your research on both the interviewers and the company 

Look them up on LinkedIn – Simple. This way you’ll know who to look out for when you arrive as well as prepare questions regarding their specific role at the company.

Stay hydrated

Take the water offered to you on arrival so your throat is clear and you won't have to interrupt the interview to go get yourself a glass later on. Having water on hand also gives you a means of pausing so you can gather your thoughts before answering the next question.

Reasons for leaving 

Negativity and personal comments about your previous or current job will cause alarm bells to ring with the interview – avoid talking about your previous role with negativity.

Good luck!

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