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How to Make Your Boss Love You?

Just started a new job? Or want to stay in your current one? Whichever it is, you’re going to want to make sure that your boss likes, respects and knows you can be relied on in order to impress.

Here’re 6 ways to guarantee a good relationship with your boss and show them how good of an employee you really are.

Be reliable

You want to be seen as the go-to-person and in order to achieve this, you should arrive on time, or even early, to meetings, hit those deadlines, be alert and pragmatic and always take notes when instructed to do something.

Be diplomatic

Try and steer away from a complaint and towards a request if you’re unhappy with something and it needs mentioning. Try not to just point out that something is wrong, try and offer a solution to the problem and always be gracious if these problem involved other colleagues.

Take responsibility

Not delivered on a task? Arrived late? These things happen sometimes – we’re all human at the end of the day. But it’s important to remember to take responsibility and Instead of reeling off excuses, simply apologise and be honest, your boss will respect you for it. In addition to this, don’t forget to reassure them it won’t happen again.

Be ambitious

It’s easy to keep your head down and keep on working the grind, idly waiting for that promotion. However, if you’ve never actually told your boss your dreams to grow, lead and develop then chances are you may have missed out to somebody else.

Speak to your boss and tell them if, and how, you’d like to progress in the company. You’ll be first in line should something arise in the near future as your boss will love you eagerness and they face you’ve taking an initiative.

Be professional

Avoid office gossip and support your colleagues where necessary - It’s a given you may be working with those you wouldn’t normally socialise with outside of work and if any tension arises as a consequence of this, always try to help ease it. Your boss will notice your positive behaviour and influence, and it will have been your influence that has made the office a much more enjoyable workspace.

Support your boss

If you can offer help and support to your boss you’ll stand out from your colleagues, and your boss will appreciate the employee-employer role reversal. Your boss will be grateful for your consideration, and will also be keen to support you in return.

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