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Jobseekers: Beware of New Job Advert Scam

The Buxton Advertiser is warning jobseekers over the threat of a new type of scam whereby fraudsters are using job adverts to lure in potential victims.

Cyber-crime reporting centre, Action Fraud, are reporting that fraudsters have been using job boards to attract unsuspecting job hunters, exploiting their naivety.

The scammers have been reaching out to jobseekers, asking them to sell goods on their behalf.

Candidates are instructed to use their own bank accounts for all transactions and are lured into setting up an online advert themselves to further entice more victims into buying these goods, which often do not exist.

Once the money has been transferred across to the fraudsters, the jobseeker is then not paid (obviously).

Action Fraud recommends candidates report any suspicious activity they see on job boards. Chairman of SAFERjobs, and Member of Recruitment Grapevine’s Advisory Board, Keith Rosser explained:

“Job scams are on the rise and in the last two years we have witnessed a 300% rise in recruitment related fraud and misconduct.” He added that fraud is a “major problem affecting the industry”. 

Be wary out there jobseekers. 

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