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Telling your story with a video CV

This #NationalStorytellingWeek why not tell your story with a video CV?

As career coach, Lisa LaRue outlines, “A traditional CV outlines your skills, qualifications and experience, whereas a video CV enables an employer to get a feel for your personality,"

So if you’ve never considered one now really is the time, "It's really just another tool in a jobseeker's toolbox," she continues. "Anything that can help you get noticed is worth trying."

Contemplating giving one a go? If so, here’re some tips to bear in mind:

Be professional

Make sure to dress as you would as if you were going to an interview, and be sure to adopt a professional demeanour throughout. Speak well and clearly, try to avoid using slang and make sure to film in a nice and appropriate location.

Plan a script

You should prepare a script so you know exactly what it is that you want to say in your video CV, however, with this being said, be sure to memorise it as reading directly from a script will make for a boring video. You want to appear natural and let your personality shine through so feel free to ad lib.

Know your audience

Consider changing your script and filming locations if you’re preparing a video CV for differing roles. A video prepared for a position at a bank will probably differ from a video prepared for a media agency.


If you’re going to put together a video CV then utilise it fully. Be sure to use visuals to illustrate what you're saying, and use this opportunity to showcase your talents and skills.

If you're applying for a role where presentations will be a fundamental aspect of it, film yourself creating PowerPoint’s or include any footage you may have of yourself giving presentations.

Keep it brief

Your video CV should be between 30 to 90 seconds. Anything longer than that and you run the risk of it not being watched.


Get feedback from your family and friends to make sure your video CV is perfect before you posting it up online. After all, once uploaded to the internet you have no control over who sees your CV, therefore, feedback is crucial in perfecting your new video CV! 

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