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Challenger Solutions - Nicholas Quill (Managing Director)

Challenger Solutions Ltd have worked with Cordant Recruitment for several years and throughout this time I have found the level of services we have received has always been of an excellent standard. They have taken time to understand our recruitment requirements and have delivered some excellent pre-selected candidates who meet our needs and have fitted in with our existing team. Cordant Recruitment are always one of the first agencies I contact when I have a recruitment requirement, as I know that the service I receive will be exemplary.

I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other business’s when recruiting staff.

Guinness South - Andrea Miles (Estate & Grounds Maintenance Manager)

I have worked with Cordant Recruitment for roughly five years and have a great relationship with the office personnel team. Initially I contacted them to support with recruiting call centre staff on a temporary basis and most of the staff have now successfully secured permanent roles at Guinness, which shows the quality of staff they supply. All the staff are incredibly professional and friendly and to me the most important factor is that they are not pushy sales people which often turns me away.

Purcell - Ruth Baker (Chief Executive’s Assistant)

Since registering as a candidate in 2003 and very successfully placed here at Purcell, I’ve always turned back to Cordant Recruitment for all local recruitment requirements for our organisation.

Our account manager understood the culture and needs of Purcell very well and has taken great care in selecting candidates that are well matched for each role in terms of both skill and personality.  They are my first choice in local recruitment and I would recommend their services to others.


Cordant Recruitment has always provided us with a good standard of candidate for positions that we have. The team are always friendly and courteous, and fast to respond to enquiries.

Kelly Lowne - Payzone UK (Recruitment Executive)

I was happy with my three existing recruitment suppliers but decided to begin working with Cordant Recruitment due to the account manager’s professional approach. I also knew that Cordant had a good brand name and it wasn’t a small time business who I’d never heard of, so that gave me a little more confidence. Our account manager consistently delivered on all the roles we provided him. 

So far, Cordant have filled 16 vacancies with Payzone UK Ltd- Exceptional work! I can honestly say that our account manager has been a pleasure to work with; he is a credible recruiter with bags of passion for what he does.

Steve Crane- Sita Waste Management (Sales & Marketing Manager)

I would recommend Cordant Recruitment and our account manager for his professional business approach which is delivered in a personable way. Always takes agreed actions and keeps clients updated.

Victoria Rae- Regus (Talent Acquisition)

Our account manager is a highly professional and great ambassador for Cordant Recruitment. He always follows through on his actions, and builds confidence in a relationship.

Les Crowe- Rentokil Pest Control (Sales Development Manager)

I have worked with Cordant Recruitment for several years and my account manager is extremely helpful, professional and always takes the time to find out exactly what we are looking for and put the best candidates in front of me. I am very impressed with your service.


Clarke Energy (Margaret G Hope) – HR Manager

Our long standing relationship covers both blue-collar and white-collar staff. We have recruited a number of our full-time members of engineering staff from Cordant candidates that have actively shown the necessary aptitude and reliability to succeed in our industry.

I have always found the team to be professional and knowledgeable and they have always strived to ensure that the requirements of Clarke Energy Ltd were met as successfully as possible. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to other prospective agency users as they provide technical staff of a good calibre and a service that can be relied on.

BWT UK Limited - Jane Gould (Service Operations Supervisor)

Our account manager is always my first port of call when looking to recruit for new staff. She has a very good understanding of our business, and never fails to find suitable candidates. Her response is very quick and efficient; she keeps contact all the way through the process. I would happily recommend the team to anyone looking for new staff.

Reef Subsea- Patrick Green (Group HR Business Partner)

I recently used Cordant Recruitment for a senior staffing requirement I had based in the UK & Africa. My consultant was my contact throughout the process and I am pleased to confirm that both he and Cordant delivered an excellent service. The calibre of candidates supplied was also excellent.

Attention to detail, reactivity, professionalism and industry knowledge are fundamental in meeting our recruitment needs and I am pleased to say this was all delivered. I would have no hesitation in recommending Cordant Recruitment to any employer looking to recruit niche staff, even at short notice.

XL Group - Jen Sim (Business Services Manager)

I recently used Cordant recruitment to recruit for a very unique position. This role was very specific in experience but more so personality and management style to fit with the existing team. Thanks to our account manager, we now have a manager who is a great fit and we have happy team.

Global Invacom Limited- Jon Matthews (Sales Manager)

We have always found Cordant to offer a first class service with their placements always being of the highest calibre. We will continue to utilize their services to help source our long term staffing requirements whilst also assisting us with our more immediate ‘emergency’ temporary requirements.

ATR Group- Hazel Cummine (HR)

I recently used the services of Cordant Recruitment for a permanent position. The role we had was quite specific, difficult to fill and needed to be somebody who would fit a certain criteria and also fit comfortably within our existing team and business. The added difficulty is that we ideally needed to fill the role quickly. Cordant managed to recruit an ideal candidate and following a well managed interview and selection process we made an offer to the candidate to join our business.

Cordant not only met, but exceeded our expectations. The service delivered was both efficient and effective, and as a result I would have no hesitation in using their services again in the future and would recommend to any employer recruiting staff.

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

Bosch approached Cordant Recruitment with a very particular recruitment issue that required clear understanding of our requirements. Working closely with our account manager, we established a clear framework process that met our needs. The key was taking the time to understand each other’s business processes and the best ways to integrate them to make recruitment efficient and effective. Throughout the process I felt that Cordant showed both the desire and the capability to help solve my problem.

Siemens - Peter Tomlin (Cell Manager)

Cordant are continually looking at ways to improve and add value to the service we receive from them. They have introduced an on-site coordinator who processes timesheets and is the first point of contact for all blue-collar temporary staff. Their professional approach and the way they manage the account is of great value.

Eaton Electrical Group- David Leatherbarrow (Customer service director)

I wanted to say thank you for your efforts with our positions, the candidates you have sent me have all been of a very good standard and you are a professional person to work with, so thank you. I would happily recommend you to anyone at Eaton or elsewhere.

UK Asset Resolution- Aileen Waite (Team Leader, Customer Relations)

Thank you for all your help and support over this last year with the colleagues you provided.  We've had some challenges but you have been available throughout and always helpful.

Carphone Warehouse - Rachel Rogan (Resourcing Consultant)

We have worked together for a number of years and continue to be amazed by the service we receive – the team work tirelessly on our temp recruitment campaigns and always deliver despite the short timescales that we often require. We often provide challenges in terms of last minute requirement changes but none of these phases the team.

Our account manager has taken the time to really get to know our business and is respected by our hiring managers and employees alike. She is very much seen as part of our resourcing team, and I have every confidence in her ability to represent our brand to candidates.

Carphone Warehouse- Daniel Ward (E-sales Team Manager)

Our account manager has played a pivotal role in getting the right people for our Business. She is a big cog in our recruitment machine and without her will and drive to provide the finest people around we would not be in the position we are today. She works to levels above and beyond the call of duty.

Morrison Utility Service - Allison Foster

Our account manager has worked with us for the last 2 years and within that time she has provided the company with some quality candidates that have become employees.

She is very helpful and is very re-active to our business needs. I have really enjoyed working with Nic and I know whoever she works with will receive a very high quality service.

Reed Lloyds Banking Group- Keri Piper (Account Manager - R&W Ops / Insurance)

I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the excellent work your team have done for me and Lloyds Banking Group over the past couple of weeks. Cordant is an excellent supplier and would be my first port of call for all orders that we need support with. I will not hesitate to contact the team as soon as I have any future orders I can put their way. Their enthusiasm is infectious and I'm sure it is what drives their success. They've been a pleasure to work with and a real credit to your company.

Webhelp TSC- Vicki Bramhall (Recruitment Manager)

Cordant would always be my first choice of supplier when I need quality candidates at very short notice and in high numbers. They fully understand our business, my requirements and the tight timescales I have. They always work extremely hard as a team to deliver by going the extra mile wherever they can with a smile along the way. I know I can always rely on them to deliver results quickly.

Adele Green - Reactiv Group (Human Resources Manager)

Thank you for your help over the last year. We have developed a really good working relationship with your team. You know what works for us and are supportive of the measures we have put in place to try and improve performance. In my opinion, what makes us work so well together is that you have taken the time to listen to us so you fully understand our changing needs. Quality of candidate is key and the quality that you send remains consistently high.

E.on UK- Rebecca Bradley (Resource Consultant)

Cordant Recruitment have been supplying candidates for over 3 and a half years. Our account manager has a great understanding of the type of candidate we are looking for and knows the process inside out.

We have volume requirements all year round and because the positions we have are door to door sales it can be challenging to recruit for us. Cordant have shown year on year that they can find excellent candidates anywhere in the UK and shortlist only the strongest and most well suited applicants for us to interview. They manage the candidates through our process making sure we don’t lose out on strong people and the end result is that they are consistently one of our top suppliers out of 17 agencies. I would recommend them to any other company looking for an excellent quality of services with a success rate to match.

The Aviator Hotel - Deborah Pearson - Conference & Events Manager

I have been using Cordant Recruitment for the past 3 months on various events that we hold here at Sywell.  This includes The Atomic Festival, AeroExpo and several weddings and conferences.

I have a good working relationship with the office and my requirements have always been met with telephone calls being followed up by email.

They supply high quality staff who are always suitable for the position required.

The staff have always been willing to do any job asked of them and work on their own initiative.

Cordant Recruitment go out of their way to ensure as much as possible that we have the same people each time.

I have no hesitation in recommending them as a professional and efficient organisation.