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'10 reasons to be proud to work in UK Aerospace'

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10 reasons to be proud to work in UK Aerospace


  1. The UK is one of few countries with the resources to design and manufacture advanced helicopters. The global demand for new commercial helicopters is expected to be more than 40,000 units every year, worth $165 billion.

  2. The industry provides 113,000 direct jobs and supports 276,000 indirect jobs, as well as 3,300 apprentices or trainees. The average salary in the aerospace industry is £41,000.

  3. The UK has a 17% global market share, making the UK the largest Aerospace industry in Europe.

  4. There were 683 enterprises in this industry in 2014, 303 more than in 2008, and 123 more than in 2012.

  5. By 2032, it is estimated that 29,000 new large civil airliners, 24,000 business jets and 5,800 regional aircraft will be required - valued at over $5 trillion.

  6. The UK specialises in the development and manufacture of some of the most complicated and high tech parts of modern aircraft.

  7. Air traffic growth in Asia alone has the potential to contribute an extra £4.7 billion in UK exports annually in the next ten years, adding 20,000 high-value jobs.

  8. In 2014, UK aerospace exports were worth £10.5 billion and imports were worth roughly the same. There was a small trade surplus.

  9. Between 2011 and 2014 there has been a small surplus in aerospace trade (meaning the value of exports exceeded the value of imports).

  10. Growing demand for aircraft as passenger numbers increase means that backlog of work has risen by 9pc over the past year. This means that the work in hand for companies supplying the aerospace sector is now enough to keep them busy for nine years.