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Graduates with energy should think of Renewable Energy and will power their future

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The growing oil, gas and renewables sector is in great shortage of renewable energy engineers and is having to fly in recruits from across Europe but recruiting from abroad is a short-term solution.  Inspiration is as important as opportunity and the UK cannot afford to be too laid back; thus families, schools, colleges and universities need to focus on encouraging and training future engineers because a strong British renewable energy engineering sector is vital to the long-term sustainability of the UK’s economic recovery. Engineering is crucial for a successful nation.

Failing to meet the country’s engineering workforce requirements will damage the UK economically. Engineering businesses have the potential to contribute an extra £27 billion to the UK economy every year, but the UK must meet the demand for a quarter of a million new vacancies.

Renewable energy companies throughout the country are constantly tackling the shortage of qualified renewable energy engineers. Engineering and technology graduates are very employable: 66.3% were in full-time employment within six months of graduating from their course. This is higher than the percentage of all graduates who are going into full-time employment (57.7%).

Rank, Country & Percentage of total first university degrees in science and engineering:

1     Japan 61%

2     South Korea 41%

3     Canada 38%

4     Germany 37%

5     Finland 37%

6     France 35%

7     United Kingdom 34%

8     United States 31%

9     Australia 27%

Source: IMD (2013) World Competitiveness Yearbook