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New Leadership Expectations for 2016 “Connect Then Lead”

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Leaders in 2016 will be expected to “connect” more at all levels

Today’s leaders need to work to ensure that all employees are “connected and engaged” with their job-roles because if people are not connected they will become disengaged from their jobs, as well as leaders and the company they work for, which will result in poor motivation. If a leader can connect - they can better understand reactions, needs and wants. Connection drives loyalty - it is a learned skill and leaders must genuinely connect with those they lead.

Good leaders are aware of the concerns of their employees and are on top of new developments in leadership theory and practice to create more effective working environments. Leaders must challenge employees; but at the same time, they must instil the confidence that the challenges can be met. The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.

Better leadership practices can improve an organisation’s bottom line and companies that do not address leadership practices suffer a persistent drag on performance - adopting a flexible attitude and having the ability to accept changing circumstances is vital.

'Honesty in leadership generates a stronger team dynamic'
Honest leaders of companies inspire their employees not just through words but through actions; thus they are the people who build their teams from the ground up and the recruitment of dedicated staff is the keystone to becoming a successful leader.

Leadership in 2016 will focus on collaboration and empowering people. Management provides structure, stability and organisation, while leadership provides the inspiration, influence and atmosphere for creativity, innovation and self-motivation. Leadership is something people need, whereas a process is something that can be managed.

'The two most powerful experiences in life are achieving and connecting'
Leaders of companies must connect with their staff - business is about people and connection is a “mind-set”.  Leaders who do not connect well eventually become a liability.

The first responsibility in a position of leadership is to have a vision.  A good leader has personality, courage and clear vision with ambition to succeed and adopts a leadership style which lends itself to ethical considerations. However, this year (2016) will see leaders of companies become more inspirational, as the traditional approach to performance management is being revolutionised.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."
Leadership is the most influential and critical element of all businesses, thus employees of a company will judge a leader by his or her commitment, and will commit themselves no more than the leader does. A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

Sustainable success requires leaders to recognise that there are smarter people who do things better and once a leader accepts that humility and has that openness of mind, it is possible to learn from people who are doing better both within an organisation and outside of an organisation. Leaders need to proactively ask their employees: “How do you think we could improve?”