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North East Business Landscape

The North East economy has become one of the most dynamic in the UK  and Europe, helped by massive investment in a new generation of advanced technologies. Its companies now serve expanding markets around the world with products exploiting those technologies.

The scale and composition of employment are fundamental to the economic and social prosperity of regions. Technical change and global competition represent challenges to thesustainability of existing employment patterns.

There are great reasons to do business in the North East of England and firms operating in the region enjoy tremendous value for money, excellent international connectivity and have access to a committed workforce.

Cordant Recruitment appreciates that as a trading region the North East requires reliable, affordable and predictable access, both physically and digitally, to foreign markets in order to keep up its impressive export performance.

Therefore, as a recruitment company we recognise the importance and relevance of the fact that the North East must now push for better career advice in schools tailored to the North East economy, with a particular focus on STEM skills; because it is crucial that young people in the region are given the best possible chance to access job opportunities locally.

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