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The Rise of Global Markets

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Companies throughout the world are now manoeuvring towards global operations, because of the sudden increase in developing economies, both as customers and as sources of talent and by the constant burden of streamlining costs. Countries no doubt vary as regards the pace in which they develop and recover.

Sophisticated markets in Europe and North America are facing stagnant demand, whilst transpiring markets, such as China, India, South America, South East Asia and the Middle East are becoming immensely appreciated as the cardinal engines for future progress and development. For instance, in Brazil, economic growth lingers on the strength of its export economy, but also increasing internal demand.

During the past decade, we’ve witnessed the proliferation of the global talent pool – and not specifically for commodity industry, such as offshore manufacturing, transactions and call centre operations.

Several companies are now utilising offshore assets for high-value activities, such as R & D, knowledge processing and advanced analytics.  The USA previously spearheaded the world in the number of 25 to 34 year olds with university degrees.  However, currently it ranks only 12th among 36 developed and progressing nations.

Interestingly, China delivers 10 times more natural science graduates than the USA.  Nevertheless, the calibre of science and engineering graduates from developing markets may not be as proficient as those from cultivated markets.

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