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UK Hotspots 2016

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Hull City of Culture 2017 – will bring thousands of jobs ‘Start of the Future for Hull’. Hull is on the cusp of social and economic change as this award is worth an estimated £60m to the city, the coveted title will help deliver the £190m ten-year City Plan outlined by Hull City Council to create 7,500 jobs.

Bradford is also well placed to take advantage of emerging ‘green’ industries. Bradford has an economy worth over £8.3bn, the third largest in the Yorkshire region after Leeds and Sheffield. Bradford has a growing population of 522,500 and is the youngest major city in the UK with 22.6% of the population under 16 years of age.

Birmingham is the UK’s most entrepreneurial region and a start-up ‘hotspot’. Just as Birmingham was at the heart of the industrial revolution, the city is now committed to being at the heart of the low carbon economy. Also within an hour of Birmingham there are over 15,000 language students and nearly 1 million people have foreign language skills in the region.

Somerset - Hinkley Point - The nuclear sector has large economic and employment multipliers meaning that a swathe of indirect and induced jobs will be created. The baseline level of employment in Somerset County as a whole is expected, in 2019, to be close to 279,000 jobs. By 2020, the level of total employment in the County is forecast to be 1,300 net jobs higher under the Hinkley Point C scenario than under the baseline; by 2030, the differential could rise to 2,900 net jobs.

Bristol is the second most Googled UK city after London and offers the best prospects for growth of all the UK’s regional cities and excellent opportunities to serious investors looking for alternatives to London. According to research the number of people in work in the area is set to increase from 234,000 to 266,000 over the next eight years.

Swansea Bay £850m Tidal Lagoon - will take two years to build and create 1,850 construction jobs. There will also be 60 long-term operational jobs with up to another 90 linked to visitor spending and it is hoped it could be operating by 2018.