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We have about 54,000 temporary workers on our Group database.


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We take responsibility of the welfare and fairness of our temporary workers extremely seriously and as such assume all employment responsibility by issuing a contract of employment to all our mobile workers. Cordant Recruitment is one of the few recruitment agencies that engage their temporary staff on a contract of employment and not a contract for services; therefore giving full employment status. This has allowed us to attract an engaged and skilled workforce.

Experience has shown that employing staff on a contract of employment encourages loyalty and continuity of service from the temporary worker.
Additionally we provide a range of benefits to our mobile workforce including:

Personal Accident Insurance

We view the wellbeing of our mobile workforce to be of paramount importance, and strive to be both supportive and fair.  We provide free personal accident insurance for all our mobile workers, unlike the majority of recruitment agencies who charge their temporary workers, we incur the cost.

On commencement of employment with us all our mobile workers automatically receive cover of up to £10,000.00 to provide support in the event of death or serious injury from an accident while working at one of our client sites. 

Pension Scheme

Once our mobile workers have completed three month’s continuous service with us they will be eligible to join the Cordant Recruitment Stakeholder Pension Scheme. On completion of two year’s continuous service they will also become eligible to receive an employer contribution from us of £260 per annum, subject to them making a minimum personal contribution totalling £260 in any tax year, that’s just £5 per week.

Reward Gateway

The Cordant Reward Gateway is a unique benefit offered to all our employees once they have completed one year’s continuous service. Supported by our corporate partners at Reward Gateway, our mobile workers will receive direct access to a range of discounted products and services from over 1300 retailers and service providers across the UK.

Eye Care

As an employee of Cordant Recruitment our mobile workers will be eligible to receive a contribution from us towards:

The cost of eye tests if you work in a role that classifies you as a regular user of display screen equipment (DSE).

Confidential Helpline

We provide a confidential helpline, that allows our mobile workers to speak in confidence about any issues which may be giving them cause for concern, including unresolved issues with co-workers or supervisors and perhaps payslip queries. 

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