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Marine technology in this country is thriving and the nation has a long and successful history in shipbuilding. The majority of UK trade is dictated by the sea, with over 90% of the UK’s goods and half of its energy resources shipped into the country from around the world. The diversity of the UK marine industry provides unique opportunities for growth within both the domestic and export markets and the industry has many competitive advantages.

The UK marine industries global reputation has also increased opportunities for overseas export, with healthy order books including overseas defence contracts for warships, workboats and hovercraft, consultancy services and an increase in leisure craft to emerging markets throughout the world.

Working with ROVs has become a vital part of the offshore industry. An ROV is essentially an underwater robot that allows the vehicle operator (ROV Pilot) to complete tasks in areas that are often too deep and dangerous for divers to access.

An ROV incorporates state-of-the-art electronics and powerful hydraulic systems that are capable of operating at great depths. Although the operator can remain in a safe environment whilst operating an ROV, the type of work may be employed in harsh settings for long periods of time on board vessels and installations.

Cordant Technical and Engineering has an excellent track record of providing highly skilled ROV professionals to a number of industry sectors. Whether it is simple inspection of subsea structures, pipeline and platforms to connecting pipelines and placing underwater manifolds, we have successfully staffed major and independent providers across the globe with personnel.

The team of consultants in our ROV division focus solely on ROV candidates and clients, resulting in an in-depth understanding of the requirements, and often rigorous timescales, the industry demands. This includes the necessary offshore certification & training and the different types of ROV operated by our clients, including the many models from SAAB Seaeye, SMD, Forum's Sub Atlantic, FMC Schilling and Triton.

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