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Skilled engineers are the lifeblood of the nuclear industry. In 2012, the industry boasted a dynamic skilled workforce of around 40,000 employees. This displays a well-established quality skills base supporting the sector particularly in; the nuclear fuel cycle, reactor materials and component performance, decommissioning and management of radioactive waste and world-leading nuclear safety expertise. Nevertheless employers are reporting current skills deficiencies. (Approximately 53% of engineers in the sector are over 45 years old, resulting in significant attrition of skills and expertise over the next decade.)

On new nuclear build projects, construction, site preparation and engineering construction make up around 60% of the workforce. To deliver each build to time and to budget, it is therefore essential that the construction and engineering construction workforce has the necessary skills and competences for working on a nuclear site.

Many nations have plans to develop nuclear energy as this provides them with a degree of greater energy security and insurance against the rising cost of fossil fuels. Based on these current plans, global investment is estimated to be in the order of £930 billion, with significant international procurement expected to be around £25 billion a year to 2025.

The development of the nuclear industry has rapidly advanced the skills of our recruitment consultants to identify transferrable engineering skills; we can therefore provide an operative supply of skilful engineers to accommodate staffing requirements.

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