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The electricity industry operates a network of high-voltage wires that carry electricity over long distances and is responsible for transmitting electricity from power stations to the low-voltage distribution network, which delivers the electricity to end users.

At Cordant we research all aspects of power generation, transmission and distribution, as the demands of power networks continue to grow across the UK. A wide variety of problems can affect power anywhere and at anytime but it is by providing specialist engineering skills that consequently minimise problems encountered.

Therefore, we aim to support our clients to guarantee safe and reliable operation of electrical power systems today and in the future.

We have the expertise and capability to work with a range of businesses concerned with T & D, power generation, substation service and maintenance.  Staff and contractors are provided for everything from 11kV-33kV private network services to 132kV-400kV turnkey projects.

Our expertise covers a range of specialised sub-sectors including:

11kv – 400kV substation services 

LV-400kV OHL maintenance, construction and surveys

LV-33kV asset replacement

Underground network services

Vegetation management

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