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Renewable energy within the UK is expected to be the most rapidly growing sector to impact the ECI workforce. This is driven, in part, by the EU’s low carbon emissions target; the UK Government’s renewable energy roadmap, set up by DECC; and the Scottish Government’s pledge, that by 2020, 100 per cent of energy consumed in Scotland will be from renewable sources.

To meet these targets, significant investment is needed. Examples of how these targets will be achieved include support from Government through the technological development of offshore wind turbine efficiencies; investment by private companies, with increased construction of biomass power stations; local council backing of investment in the planning consent for onshore wind farms; and growing consumer awareness for future low carbon, sustainable energy production.

The recent increase in the use of wind, solar and other renewable energy sources has highlighted the challenges facing future electrical engineers - interfacing renewable sources to the electricity distribution system, maintaining stability in the presence of many small energy sources and guaranteeing an electrical supply in the presence of intermittent sources such as solar power.

The Cordant Group has a wealth of experience in this particular sector, which consequently makes our candidates a treasured asset in any company.  We appreciate that the energy industry it expanding rapidly with jobs becoming available on a daily basis; we are fully committed and our experience enables us to identify candidates with relevant engineering skills that can easily transfer into the renewable energy sector.

Typical Roles

Senior Environmental Engineer

Design Management Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Energy Manager

Engineering Geologist

Environmental Consultant

Environmental Education Officer

Environmental Manager

Facilities Manager

Land/Geomatics Surveyor

Mining Engineer

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