Technical & Engineering


Divider Technology

The UK technology sector is expected to grow four times faster than GDP in 2015, and this growth is only speeding up with even higher predictions for 2016, which is reflected in the strength and diversity of Cordant Technical & Engineering’s technology offering. The Technology sector demands precision, accuracy and efficiency from its products and therefore its engineers. Covering a diverse range of industries and products, Technology drives productivity and reliability, from the automation of a manufacturing process, to the integration of engineering systems, to the testing and certification of vital equipment.

Electrical, Controls & Instrumentation (EC&I) ‚Äč

Electrical, Controls & Instrumentation (EC&I) is the first key sector of our Technology division, as more and more processes are automated in every industry. Technology is inevitable for progress, and our engineers are on the front line of this vital development, designing & developing, installing, commissioning & servicing the technology that makes automation possible.

Mechanical & Rotating Equipment describes the machinery and the components in a process that enable materials to be moved, or power to be generated to aid the process, for example turbines, compressors, pumps, valves, engines and generators. Our engineers design, manufacture, test, install, commission and service this equipment to ensure these processes are as efficient as possible, forming the second key sector of our Technology division.

Testing, Inspection & Certification (TICS)

Safety is vital when operating large machinery or within potentially hazardous or explosive environments in industry. This is why the third key sector of our Technology division is Testing, Inspection & Certification (TICS). We supply engineers to the companies that make our safety their business, ensuring critical equipment is fit for purpose and ensuring faulty equipment is repaired or decommissioned.

Technical Sales

Finally, overarching these three key sectors is our Technical Sales Division, providing business development, sales engineers and senior management to businesses across these industries to promote the products and services embedded within these key sectors. So whether our clients require a service, solutions or product sell our team of experienced technical sales consultants understand a wide range of complex technology and services along with their intended route to market to ensure market penetration is achieved for our clients.

In an industry which thrives on accuracy and performance, it is no surprise that the consultants who recruit for it need to be just as precise and efficient. Our consultants work with a range of businesses, supplying engineers for research and development, design, commissioning, technology support, project management and site management, as well as sales engineers, into industries including process, power, oil & gas, packaging and manufacturing.